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At, we are proud to offer you a complete guide to the different mezcal production methodologies, from ancestral practices to modern industrial techniques. Through our platform, you will be able to understand how each process influences the flavor, quality and unique character of this emblematic Mexican drink.

The ancestral production of mezcal dates back centuries, using traditional methods that honor craftsmanship and cultural legacy. In this technique, a conical stone oven on the ground, hot volcanic stones and a stone bakery are used to extract the must from the agave. The result is a mezcal with a deep and authentic flavor, full of history and tradition.

Artisanal production maintains the essence of ancestral production, but incorporates certain modern elements to increase efficiency and production capacity. Here, stone or masonry ovens, a bakery powered by electric motors, and wooden or stainless steel fermenters are used. The resulting mezcal preserves the craftsmanship and distinctive character of the traditional process.

On the other hand, traditional or conventional production uses more modern techniques, such as the use of high-pressure autoclaves to cook the agave. This allows for faster and more efficient production, although some purists argue that the characteristic smoky flavors of mezcal are lost. The fermenters and distillers are made of stainless steel, which guarantees precise control over the process.

Finally, industrial production is the most modern and scalable, using large facilities and machinery to produce large volumes of mezcal. Autoclaves, large-capacity fermentation tanks and high-efficiency distillers are used to maximize production. While this method may offer a greater quantity of mezcal, some critics point out that the authenticity and uniqueness of the product is lost.

At, we invite you to explore all of these facets of mezcal production and discover which one best suits your preferences and values. Join us on this journey of discovery and learning about the fascinating world of mezcal!


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