El Papel de las Minas en la Producción del Mezcal en México Independiente y el Reconocimiento de Denominación de Origen

The Role of Mines in the Production of Mezcal in Independent Mexico and the Recognition of Denomination of Origin"

During the period of independent Mexico, the mines were not only centers for the extraction of natural resources, but also for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, with mezcal being the favorite among miners as a stimulant. This agave distillate stood out over other options such as coconut wine and rum, mainly due to the abundance of raw materials in mining areas, which guaranteed greater profitability and performance in its production.

However, the official recognition and legal protection of mezcal as an authentically Mexican product took place under a later historical event. It was with the signing of the free trade agreement in 1997 between the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, when official recognition was granted to the designations of origin of tequila and mezcal. These denominations were based on the Lisbon agreement of 1958, which came into force in 1966 and in which Mexico was one of the first seven participating countries. This arrangement provided a clear definition of appellations of origin and their importance in protecting the authenticity of products and the culture that gave rise to them.

In short, appellations of origin play a fundamental role in recognizing and protecting the unique characteristics and traditions of a product, such as mezcal. Additionally, they help prevent cultural appropriation and piracy by ensuring that similar products comply with the specific standards and regulations of their place of origin.


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