Cuándo se Celebra el Día del Padre en Diferentes Países: Fechas y Tradiciones Únicas

When Father's Day is Celebrated in Different Countries: Unique Dates and Traditions

Father's Day is a global celebration that pays tribute to the father figure and his influence on our lives. However, the date of this celebration varies significantly from one country to another, as well as the associated traditions and customs. In this article, we explore when Father's Day is celebrated in different countries and the unique traditions that make this holiday special in every corner of the world. In addition, we show you how you can take advantage of this occasion to personalize tequilas and mezcals as the perfect gift for dad or as a corporate detail.

Father's Day Dates in Different Countries

  1. United States and Canada

    • Date: Third Sunday in June
    • Traditions: Parents receive gifts, cards and spend time with family. Breakfasts and barbecues are common.
  2. Spain

    • Date: March 19 (Saint Joseph's Day)
    • Traditions: Family celebrations with gifts and special meals. In some places, events are organized to honor fathers.
  3. United Kingdom

    • Date: Third Sunday in June
    • Traditions: Similar to the United States, parents are honored with gifts and family time.
  4. Australia

    • Date: First Sunday in September
    • Traditions: Outdoor activities and family gatherings. Schools often host special events for parents.
  5. Brazil

    • Date: Second Sunday in August
    • Traditions: Family and religious celebrations. Churches often have special services to honor parents.
  6. Italy

    • Date: March 19 (Saint Joseph's Day)
    • Traditions: Family celebrations and religious activities. It is common for children to make crafts for their parents.
  7. Mexico

    • Date: Third Sunday in June
    • Traditions: Family festivities and gifts. Schools host events and presentations in honor of parents.
  8. Germany

    • Date: Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day), 40 days after Easter
    • Traditions: Known as Herrentag (Men's Day), it is celebrated with excursions and consumption of drinks, especially beer.

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